Project summary:Jiqing expressway reconstruction and expansion project is the first "four transformation and eight" expressway construction project that does not interrupt traffic in Shandong province. It is also the first expressway reconstruction and expansion project undertaken by our company, with the construction characteristics of "opening to traffic while constructing". Jqsg-3 contract section of Jiqing Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project starts from Weifang Service Area in the east and reaches the junction of Weifang and Zibo in the west, crossing Weifang city, Changle County, Shouguang City and Qingzhou City; Through 3 cities and 1 county, 18 towns and 90 administrative villages, starting and ending pile number: K150+480 ~ K214+910, the total length of the line is 64.43km. The contract period of this bidding section is 42 months, and the construction and installation cost is about 2.63 billion yuan. The project content mainly includes: subgrade, road surface, bridge and culvert, traffic and safety facilities, communication pipelines and other engineering projects of reconstruction or demolition of new width. Among them: subgrade earthwork excavation: 679,900 m3, subgrade earthwork filling: 37.01 million m3, asphalt concrete pavement paved 1808.01 thousand m2; 1046m /3 Bridges, 334m /6 middle Bridges, 7 small Bridges, 18 separation overpasses, 81 passageways, 120 culverts and 1 overpass; There are 6 interchanges and 2 service areas.
Jiqing high-speed reconstruction and expansion project is based on the original two-way four-lane, roadbed width of 26m, to widen and rebuild. Namely, based on the original roadbed width, the width of both sides will be broadened by 8m, and the roadbed width will be increased to 42m. The highway grade shall be rebuilt and expanded according to the standard of expressway and two-way eight-lane highway, with a design speed of 120km/h.
Engineering difficulties:
(1)The recycling scheme of emulsified asphalt cold regenerated mixture was determined;
(2)To form a complete set of standardized construction technology for emulsified asphalt plant mixed with cold and recycled mixture to meet the performance requirements of highway heavy-duty lane driving;
(3)A complete set of standardized construction technology of green reclaimed water stable milling and planing materials which can meet the performance requirements of expressway heavy-duty lane driving is formed;
(4)To form a complete set of standardized construction technologies for green reclaimed old roads and Bridges of expressways.
On the basis of this project, the application research of green and comprehensive regeneration technology of highway reconstruction and expansion of old roads. A total of 16 complete patents (10) 6 invention patents, utility model, published 11 papers, can the five, forming the emulsification LiQingChang mix cold recycled asphalt milling planer integrated recycling programme, the emulsification LiQingChang mix cold regeneration in overloading traffic lanes the material composition design and performance of the application, and the emulsifying LiQingChang mix cold regeneration overloading lanes in reconstruction engineering construction technology ", "the highway reconstruction of old road milling planer recycling material on the base of the cement stable macadam mixture green renewable grassroots" key construction technology and the reconstruction of old road, the highway bridge concrete key construction technology of "green renewable five innovation technology.

FIG. 1 Old path milling

FIG. 2 Old path milling

FIG. 3 Demolition of the old bridge

FIG. 4 Hard road shoulder milling

FIG. 5 Stable construction of reverse excavation water

FIG. 6 Laying of middle surface layer

FIG. 7 Middle surface rolling

FIG. 8 Upper layer of asphalt

 FIG. 9 Upper layer of asphalt

FIG. 10 Left pitch laying