The Dongxihu sports center is for the 7th military sports meeting in 2019. As a new sports center uniformly deployed by the wuhan municipal government, it is a key project of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. It is required to plan and construct the sports center in strict accordance with the functional standards of venues and facilities for international sports events. The stadium will host football matches for the 2019 7th world military games, and the stadium will host table tennis matches for the 2019 7th world military games.
       The construction site of this project is located in wujiashan, east xihu district, wuhan city, north of jinshan avenue and west of linkonggang avenue. The surrounding area is extremely convenient. The construction project of east lake sports center covers an area of 158,123.40 square meters, with a net land area of 138,341.32 square meters and a total construction area of 144,160 square meters. The total investment is about 1.9 billion yuan. The sports center is a class a sports building. The whole site is divided into seven monomers: stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, underground garage, earthen garage, supporting service room and commercial platform.
       This project has the following construction difficulties: 1. Bored cast-in-place pile construction in karst cave area; 2. 2. Construction of roof cable of the stadium car spoke type (ring to cantilever) cable support grid structure; 3. Construction of the glass curtain wall with splint and splint on the facade; 4. Construction of stadium structure; 5. Green construction of stadiums and gymnasiums; 6. Ensure the operation of major events in mega venues.
       On the basis of the project project approval bureau - - the key construction technology of the stadium in the construction project of Dongxihu sports center. A total of 21 patents (acceptance), 8 construction methods, 51 papers have been completed, and 7 key construction technologies have been formed, such as "construction technology of bored cast-in-place piles in karst cave area", "construction technology of roof roof with spoked cable-mounted grid structure in stadium", and "construction technology of glass curtain wall with single-cable splint and splint on the facade".

Figure 1 mounting the loop clip

Figure 2 installation of oblique support

Figure 3 cable system lifting

Figure 4 pull is completed

Figure 5 construction completion diagram of cable bearing net structure

Figure 6 renderings