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       In order to explore the way of green development of engineering construction industry and improve the level of green construction of engineering projects, the company actively promotes the normal management of green construction and environmental protection work. Guided by design management, it realizes sustainable development through collaborative interaction of design, procurement, construction and operation. Driven by innovative technology and supported by scientific and technological system, the construction technology is constantly updated and improved to minimize the negative impact on the ecological environment. All systems of the company carry out linkage, take green construction demonstration project as breakthrough guide, strengthen environmental management planning, process control and effect evaluation, timely summarize and refine, and promote environmental management within the company. Follow the whole life cycle management from planning, design, material component production and procurement, construction, operation and maintenance to demolition treatment to achieve the essential green of the building. Through a series of environmental management actions, such as improving the environment, preventing pollution, reducing waste discharge, and reducing resource consumption, the company strives to build a green corporate culture, strive to achieve a harmonious coexistence of construction projects and ecology, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibilities of central enterprises.
       In green construction, actively explore the application of new materials, new equipment, new processes and new technologies. The ecological construction of the subgrade subsidiary of Dunbai Railway project adopts the combination of three kinds of protection, namely "physical protection", "anti-corrosion protection" and "vegetation ecological protection", to protect the slope. Through the automatic circulation maintenance of the three ecological systems, the goal of long-term green protection stability and soil and water conservation can be achieved. The xiongan Pipe Gallery project adopts green prefabricated soil nail wall construction technology, which greatly reduces the amount of construction waste, improves the construction efficiency and protects the environment, which is in line with the green construction concept of "no waste city" in Xiongan New Area. The Jinfeng project innovatively applied the full-coverage car washing machine applied in the factory to the construction site for the first time. The equipment can be used to flush all vehicles into and out of the site without dead Angle, and the use effect is good.