In mid-july, the Beijing municipal federation of construction of the public of the "2020 Beijing municipal engineering construction BIM application achievements" list, company male pipe rack and Ann hui high-speed highway, Thailand 6, DE xin yuan four full project stand out in a total of 227 entries, get expert judges agree, integrated application of achievement class II for 3 times, 1 item class III.
    In the process of project construction, the Engineering Research Institute has carried out precise policies, efficient services and guidance, closely linked with all projects, and implemented a number of BIM technology in-depth applications. Among them, the Xiongan Pipe gallery project is carried out with the common nodes of pipe gallery as the most difficult point. BIM 3D simulation technology such as AR and VR is applied to form an integrated intelligent exhibition hall and realize efficient on-site management. The Tai-Hui Expressway project vigorously promotes BIM applications such as quantity review, collision inspection and 3D visual disclosure. BIM5D platform is used as the carrier to promote intelligent site applications such as Internet + quality and Internet of Things. Highway 6 of Thailand is integrated with DOM, DEM, SHP and other multi-source heterogeneous data to create a true 3D BIM+GIS model, and simulates the reinforcement arrangement to achieve accurate calculation. Taking electromechanical integration as the highlight, demanxinyuan project has established professional models of architecture, structure and electromechanical, carried out pipeline collision inspection, and optimized the arrangement of pipe hardeners in advance.
    This honor obtains, reflected the company digitization and the informationization construction level, promoted the company in The Beijing construction industry visibility. The Engineering Research Institute will join hands with various projects to continue to promote the development of digital construction technology of the company and continuously improve the level of refined project management.