In the middle of June 2020, Zhang Fan, Lu Baihang and Guo Zhiguang from the Engineering Research Institute, Zhang Xinsheng from the Project Information Department and Zhang Yu from the measurement Department took aerial photos of the uav for two consecutive days, during which the training of 3D laser scanner and AR glasses was carried out.
        The uav is Topkon fixed-wing UAV, made of EPO aviation foam, with a wingspan of 163cm, a fuselage of 120cm and a take-off weight of 2.7kg. The flight process includes: assembly → commissioning → pre-flight → flight aerial photography. Construction covers an area of big, broad, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has four flights, according to the predetermined route, collect pictures of the computer graphics image processing and 3 d calculation, thus fully automatic generation technology to the 3 d model of the object, photographed by aerial 3 d modeling technology using post-processing software can all aspects of the aerial photograph of architecture image processing into a 3 d model. In the construction site management process to provide first-hand information for the project management decision - making data. Thus, the construction organization and technical management can be carried out scientifically and effectively, which can reduce the management cost and increase the management efficiency to a certain extent.
        During this period, Lou Xudong of MCG Tianbao Company conducted the training and practice of 3D laser scanner and AR glasses, introduced the supporting software, hardware and field of TX8 3D laser scanner in detail, and demonstrated the real-time interaction of AR glasses on the model. 3d laser scanning was conducted on the office area, smart hall and N6 and E1 nodes of the project in the afternoon after the training. The 3d laser scanner has a range radius of 340m, ranging accuracy ≤2mm (within the full range) and scanning speed of 1 million points/second. It takes only a few minutes to produce detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometric structures. Equipped with touch screen to control scanning functions and parameters. The final image consists of a cloud of millions of colored dots that are used to digitally reproduce the existing environment.
        By using 3d laser scanner, contactless construction measurement is realized, which overturns the traditional measurement method. The three-dimensional model of uav, the high-precision and high-density point cloud of three-dimensional laser scanner, the real-time interaction of AR glasses mixed with reality and the combination of BIM model are open and applied to each management process of construction, helping to improve the quality and efficiency of xiongan Pipe gallery project. It also provides a direction for xiongan construction management, which conforms to the general trend of informationization development and has obvious social benefits.
        The use of UAV, 3D laser scanner and AR glasses reflects the technical innovation of xiongan Tube Gallery project, further improving the company's brand image and service level, and demonstrating the company's external competitiveness.