With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, in the process of construction project management, the company pays more attention to technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation, relying on high-tech and scientific management to improve the company's ability to resist risks, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the market. Since the company's development, the scientific and technological achievements have been remarkable, with 26 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards, 3 national excellent construction methods, 18 provincial and ministerial-level BIM competition awards, 3 provincial and ministerial-level excellent construction methods, and 317 patents (including 36 patents), 7 software copyrights, and 2 national key projects. In 2017, the company successfully applied for national high-tech enterprises. In 2019, the company successfully passed the “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center”. The company will continue to enhance its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, create modern and scientific project management, and create greater glories.