On May 14, amingdo, minister of health of mozambique, director general of sofala health bureau and other more than 20 people visited beira general hospital for inspection and guidance, accompanied by zhang xiaohui, director of the southern Africa region and key project personnel.
    Minister armindo and his delegation went to the site and had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the project's construction schedule, production safety, quality control and other work. They expressed their appreciation and affirmation of the project's management measures to combat covid-19. They also inquired about the current difficulties of the project and said they would make every effort to coordinate and solve them.
    Zhang xiaohui welcomed the visit of minister amingdo and his delegation, and made a brief report on the progress of the on-site construction. He hoped that the minister could coordinate and solve the current practical difficulties of the project as soon as possible, so as to ensure the orderly progress of the project and complete the construction task of beira general hospital with high quality and high standards.