On April 21 afternoon, the company held in Beijing for the fourth time the epidemic prevention and control work video conference, meeting in mozambique, Thailand, Congo (cloth), Egypt, Cameroon five regional set video at the venue, the company vice secretary of party committee, the trade union chairman Jiang Zhenyu, company related department staff, department leaders to attend the meeting, the regional director for video conference. The meeting was chaired by jiang zhenyu.
  Conference, overseas regional head of material reserves increase the quantity, and the implementation of closed-end management, epidemic prevention and control measures, such as a detailed report, Jiang Zhenyu seriously listened to the report of each region and ask to the existing difficulties and the regional demand, require division overseas epidemic prevention and control work, to guarantee to protect foreign personnel life safety.
    CAI jun, general manager of the business division, made a brief report on the current overseas epidemic prevention and control work and personnel arrangement, and put forward the following requirements: first, to dynamically monitor the development trend of the epidemic abroad, and to do a good job in overseas epidemic prevention and control by referring to the excellent practices of domestic projects; Second, strengthen the overseas epidemic prevention and control supervision mechanism and strictly implement the prevention and control deployment and requirements of the superior units. Third, according to the company's requirements on the quantity of material reserves, to ensure the smooth arrival of materials to the project; The fourth is to strictly implement the closed management and strengthen the supervision system; Fifth, we should strengthen the psychological counseling work of front-line employees, pay attention to the situation of employees' family members and give them help in daily life when necessary. Sixth, continue to do a good job in overseas epidemic prevention and control, and implement the company's overseas epidemic prevention and control requirements.
    All departments of the company put forward requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic abroad. Second, the prevention and control measures of each region should be collected in real time and reported to the company in a timely manner. Third, we need to maintain the awareness of epidemic prevention and control abroad and strengthen the investigation of potential risks in projects.
    Jiang zhenyu once again stressed that the overseas video conference on epidemic prevention and control should be normalized, and based on the current situation of the global epidemic situation, he put forward the following requirements: first, all regions should strictly implement the six months 'demand for epidemic prevention, daily necessities and medical supplies; Second, we should continue to implement closed management and make relevant emergency plans. The third is to ensure that the company's personnel exit and entry management is unimpeded and in compliance with the management system of the group, the bureau and the company; Fourth, to improve the quality of overseas video conference transmission, ensure the smooth and efficient meeting; Fifth, to strengthen the party building propaganda, to improve the corporate image; Sixth, we must maintain the awareness of the crisis and do our best to prevent and control the epidemic outside China.