Given the mass of tunnels, novel structural design, complicated construction methods, and special surrounding environment, such construction cases at home and abroad are rare.
    In order to effectively solve the technical problems of projects and apply the innovations to practical production so as to reduce production costs, maximize the benefits of enterprise, boost the development and training of talents, improve the constant innovation ability of all employees, and promote innovation and progress of the Company, “Su Jinggao Innovation Studio” was established in 2017.
   Since its establishment, “Su Jingao Innovation Studio” has made more than 20 innovations with 12 out of them transformed. It has applied for 11 invention patents and 32 utility model patents (14 utility model patents authorized), published 38 papers, and developed a number of key construction techniques. Among them, the corresponding key technologies in "construction method of comprehensive shoring and retaining for multiple steps and high steep slopes in mountainous city" and "construction method for vertical small-clear-distance and large-cross-section tunnels" have reached the international advanced level. These technologies have solved many technical problems in construction, such as high steep slope shoring, excavation of tunnels, reinforcement of middle rocks, spanning existing railways (passing through railways from below) with small clear distance.