In order to help new employees overcome the anxiety, confusion, and other negative psychology at the workplace, establish their confidence in the workplace and easily realize the transition from “students” to “business people”, Overseas Business Division invited ACIC Certified International Senior Etiquette Trainer Ma Ru to present the international business etiquette course on August 22. All new employees of the Division Unit and some senior workers of the organization attended the training.
    The activity, lasting from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., covered basic business etiquette, such as dress codes of business suit, tie methods, postures, facial expressions, greetings and introductions, handshakes, handing over business cards, guidance and instruction, serving tea and taking a lift through situational presentation, to help new employees build their professional image and master the reception and social etiquettes, etc. Through psychological questionnaire, case analysis, interactive games and other methods, new employees were helped understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities, complement each other, improve themselves and cultivate friendly and effective communication with leaders and colleagues in the future work. As for international business etiquette, the trainer explained the common etiquette including how to get a ride, receive a visitor, hold a meeting, make a negotiation, sign a contract, participate in banquet and take group photo at home and abroad and introduced the applicable principles, cultural characteristics and customs of some countries, common body languages and differences by country, to avoid troubles and awkwardness. This training is vivid, practical and effective for new comers to adapt to the workplace.